Illustrated city posters

I've created a series of posters for the cities I love. London has a specific place to my heart as I’ve spent 7 years there and Tokyo blew me away with its massive cultural flux. So here are my illustrative interpretations of those cities. Message me if you want to get print and hang these on the wall.

London – Poster – Draft 01-05-02-01
Tokyo – Poster – Draft 06_AW-01
London – Poster – Behance files-21
London – Poster – Behance files-22
London – Poster – Behance files-20
Tokyo – Poster – Behance-46
Tokyo – Poster – Behance-47
Tokyo – Poster – Behance-45
Tokyo – Poster – Behance-44
Vilnius – Poster – Draft 04-01-01
Lille – Poster – Draft 01a-01
Vilnius – Poster – Behance-50
Vilnius – Poster – Behance-51
Vilnius – Poster – Behance-52
Lille – Poster – Draft 01-03

The project list:

Japan - Editorial illustrationsVector illustrations

Illustrated vector mapsVector illustrations

Face map illustrationsPersonal vector illustration project

Amazon - Smart cityVector illustrations

USA map illustrationsVector illustrations

London Mural 2030Interactive illustration project

The Contract KillerPersonal project - Vector illustration

Illustrated city postersVector Illustrations