Face map illustrations

This is the personal project I've developed for promotional reasons. I've chosen 8 different cities in the world and picked the person and added the landmarks of that city. My aim was to create a poster of a proud and young personality using limited color palettes and shapes.

Face Mapai – Behance-17
Face Mapai – Behance-01
Face Mapai – Behance-18
Face Mapai – Behance-03
Face Mapai – Behance-19
Face Mapai – Behance-05
Face Mapai – Behance-20
Face Mapai – Behance-07
Face Mapai – Behance-21
Face Mapai – Behance-09
Face Mapai – Behance-22
Face Mapai – Behance-11
Face Mapai – Behance-23
Face Mapai – Behance-13
Face Mapai – Behance-24
Face Mapai – Behance-15

The project list:

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Face map illustrationsPersonal vector illustration project

Amazon - Smart cityVector illustrations

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London Mural 2030Interactive illustration project

The Contract KillerPersonal project - Vector illustration

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