In front of one of the graffiti's in my hometown


Hi there,

I'm, Arunas Kacinskas, London-based graphic designer/illustrator. In the past I've worked for The Design Surgery agency. Over past 4 years there I've developed skills in infographics, illustration, editorial design fields. Currently working full time as Graphic Designer/Illustrator at creative agency Toaster Ltd. My role has shifted as I'm more involved in digital design and conceptual thinking. Still keeping illustration as my strongest suite I'm always looking to improve and learn something new. My ambitions lies in making great design and learning from other people. If you feel that we have same state of mind, please don't be shy and contact me via email. Here's a bit information about my current placement and Toaster ltd company. Toaster is a specialist team of creatives, designers and technologists. Originating from Google Creative Lab in London back in 2010, they have help identify insights, come up with ideas, execute outstanding campaigns, identities, websites, and everything in-between. 





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